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Expand your medical network and Connect with physicians worldwide. Consult & Share with colleagues at your specialty. Choose the specialty channels of your interest.


Join and Create physician group & experts panels. Common interest, idea, activity or event. Online "Round Table" of specialist. Medical topic groups, Researches groups, Department groups, Management groups, Event groups, Ad hoc groups.


Earn Honoraria for your knowledge and expertise. Participate in Surveys, Focus groups and Experts Panels, 2nd opinion consultations, Job offers. Coming Soon: Online Clinic


Discuss & Collaborate with colleagues at your specialty and other specialties. Share your insights, experience and opinions. Comment to posts and publications of peers. Post text, pictures, videos and files using your real name or stay anonymous.

Stay Updated

Case Studies, Medical Publications updates by specialty, E- Learning courses and second opinion from colleagues. Library by Specialty: Share & download files, presentation and images by specialty and topics. PubMed publications alerts wizard tool.


Manage & Communicate with all research sites through one international secure network. Promote your research & request for patient recruitment.

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