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  • I totally disagree that the bivalents do anything at all. The mouse data on them shows the predicted antigenic sin response . ie The animal will respond to the first virus and not see the additional changes.  T cell monitoring shows it is suppressed after all third dose vaccines which is resulting in INCREASED infections and loss of cancer control . Pfizer have been indicted for bribing clinicians and FDA regulators before, not to mention withholding data and presenting selective misleading data.

    I and many others believe, the VAERS data , they tried to hide, shows clear unacceptable side effects hiding in plain sight!

    • Nowadays everything “can be” COVID vaccine related or long COVID related. What really is? We will probably never know for sure.

      • I think it is possible that all the confusion, false statements by Fauci and the Left, early on, plus the rapid spread around the globe by a probably purposefully released genetically engineered virus, the harshness and devastation produced by the needless shutdowns, the inflated COVID death rates made this a pandemic of fear and panic, lost jobs, lost businesses, educational losses,  the truth that most Covid "vaccinations," which were not, by definition vaccines but were investigational message proteins. At least some post-Covid syndromes could be of psychosomatic origin.

        • The glaring omission from this paper is whether the participants were vaccinated or not!!! We will not be able to have  proper and meaningful, scientific discussion, debate and analysis, until ALL of the potential factors have been identified, in order to create data from which to extract information.  The fact that the vaccine status of these thousands of individuals has not been identified, cheapens the immense work done by these researchers.  Until there is some honesty about side effects of the vaccine (and I'm not speaking about mere inflammation or soreness at injection sites) and the impact on populations (particularly those who are already suffering from co-morbidities) then papers such as this fall far short of their potential impact for the medical communities.  

          • 56% of Japanese over 65s are now up to their 5th shot (82% have had a 4th) yet deaths in Japan are now spiking, principally in care homes....... 

            At the Cleveland Clinic in the USA the most-vaccinated staff are now the most likely to be infected..... 

            There are growing data to indicate that multiple boosting is associated with IgG4 and suppression rather than enhanced protection.  

            Irrespective of cardiac side effects COVID vaccination is increasingly failing in its primary purpose.  The vaccine had early benefit but were never validated for use in this way.

            • COVID vaccine is not mentioned in the patient history given to us yet many of you automatically imply this is a side effect of the vaccine. (which you don't even think it is a vaccine hence the "so called".) I wonder if this site is a disguised anti-vax web site... 

              I hope those of you who comment this way do not tell your patients, each time you don't understand sthg,  that it is a side effect of the COVID vaccine... 

              • The continuation of the role out of boosters is fast becoming the biggest cause of medical morbidity that we are having to deal with. In 1976 when the then flu vaccine was linked to an increase in GBS and myelitis it was withdrawn immediately as it was concluded the disease had attenuated and the side effects could not justified. Had such sense prevailed with the COVID vaccine programme it would have been withdrawn over a year ago if not sooner.

                • plus on injecte ces "vaccins", plus on fait courir le risque d'effets secondaires. Et ils sont innombrables. Le rapport bénéfice/risque est devenu clairement défavorable. Sans compter que le variant qui circule actuellement semble avoir une prédilection pour les vaccinés… Parfois, l'abstention est préférable à l'activisme, même en médecine.

                  • XBB.15/Kraken is being ramped absurdly.  It swept through Singapore (popn 6m) last October.  Peak deaths were 5-6 per day.  No reports of big spike in Long COVID (which anyway has a "peculiarly" high incidence in the UK).  Assertion that more vaccination will prevent this rather vaccine-evasive variant is questionable in the extreme.

                    • The population of the UK is highly vaccinated, yet these figures of 2.1 million people suffering from long Covid is established & persisting. Even so, the search for even further vaccines continues against the backdrop of unknown efficacy, risk, outcomes & further evasive variants. This piece concludes with “The best way to guard against catching new COVID variants and developing long COVID symptoms is by being fully vaccinated”!  And this is science? It’s time to stop attempting to manipulate nature & concentrate on safer therapeutics & treatments. Vaccination clearly isn’t the way out of this health crisis. 

                      • Well , finally some honest information coming to light!! The article on circulating spike protein leading to myocarditis, and similar heart problems. It seems that some researchers are having a tough time identifying why?  Well if we understand immunology, if the spike protein is circulating through out the body with out being bound by antibodies, these nanoparticles/spike end up in various organs , systems and can cause a devastating reaction , and since the immune system cant seem to neutralize this spike protein in various people they cause reaction in the specific tissue that they end up in, ie heart, liver lungs etc. One of the things the researchers are showing that the chance of myocarditis is a lot higher in vaccinated males then unvaccinated! So why are we vaccinating healthy young men, ?? Why are we vaccinating most people now,? as the virus has mutated and can escape all of these so called gene-vaccines, so any benefit, as increase in antibodies are short lived, and according to a top immunologist from Australia, we are creating a serious condition of damaging the immune response because of multiple injections of the spike protein and causing a increase of T suppressor cells that shut down the immune response, this can lead to a serious effect , the immune system cannot function and viruses can go unchecked. Perhaps this is why it seems that people who have had a number of vaccines are in the hospitals more then unvaccinated. Another thing that he mentioned is with these spike protein gene therapies there is no way to predict the immune reaction because we have no way to measure the amount of antigens that are being released from the shot. He also said there is no evidence that these gene-related vaccines are better then the older vaccines ,that were made from different parts of the viruses.  So the question being why??Why we didnt make a normal vaccine from the parts of the virus that has worked quite well before. is there perhaps another reason ? and why are we being subjected to something that is still not being scientifically validated? 

                        • I cannot agree with you more. I also wonder whether Mr McKee is 'jumping ship'? In his capacity to advise government (as the member of the Independent Sage), he and his colleagues were responsible for influencing the course of the pandemic management inclusive of lockdowns, masking and generaly speaking excessive public control mesures, which have caused immeasurable harm, especially to the young. The authors' statement relating to vaccination of children is absurd and is certainly not based on science. The rates of myocarditis and pericardytis are 28x above the baseline rates in young males and the long term effects are not known. This is a deeply regretable outcome for so many who have suffered vaccine related injuries for a virus that had very low infection to fatality rate in this group particularly. 

                          • La prise de décision a été télécommandée par big pharma. Dès le début, on a cherché à anéantir tout espoir de traitement, en nous répétant, avant même qu'il soit disponible, que le vaccin serait la seule solution. C'était une ânerie monumentale. Une fois le pfizer là, la campagne de publicité a menti sur l'efficacité et l'absence d'effets indésirables. Il y a eu au début un petit bénéfice de protection de la réa pour les plus anciens, mais il y a eu de nombreuses morts déclenchées par le vaccin chez des jeunes. En terme d'année de vies humaines perdues, le bilan est catastrophique. Le vaccin a eu en outre très souvent un effet booster sur l'épidémie. Ce gouvernement scélérat, en violation du code de Nuremberg, a obligé les soignants qui ne voulaient pas à être ruinés à se vacciner avec un produit expérimental. Certains en sont morts, d'autres sont en train de mourir de cancer induit. Et les données épidémiologiques sont délibérément cachées par les criminels qui nous gouvernent.  Si cette crise a été une guerre, alors cette guerre a eu ses profiteurs, ses criminels de guerre, et même ses collaborateurs avec l'ennemi. 

                            • How this atricle can claim that the ratio Risk-benefit is in favor of vaccines despite myocaditis post jabs? Shame on them !!!

                               Vaccines mRNA for covd must immediatly stoped.

                              • I find it interesting that this mrna vaccine has caused thousands of severe side effects, ( aprox 1:800 shots) according to new research, and myocarditis is one. How many people have actually died because of the vaccine? that information will come out eventually, in the past when a very small number of patients died from a vaccine, ie rsv vaccine it was stopped immediately, why has this mrna vaccine not been stopped? I think we should have a answer to this question. There is substancial evidence to why, however, when a company like Phyzer , wants to suppress the information for 75 years, and the FDA wants to suppress the information for 55 years and the CDC doesn't want to inform the public about the severity of side effects, something is seriously wrong with this!, who by the way are supposed to protect the public, have proper scientific debates , etc. When is the scientific community going to stand together and have their voice heard??

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