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Join our exclusive COVID-19 physicians-only group, with the active participation of physicians from over 160 countries and 120+ specialties.

Over 100,000 updates and items have already been posted.

"COVID-19 is global and global knowledge-sharing is needed more than ever. G-Med, the world’s only and true global physician-only community, offers a platform for sharing information and posing questions to colleagues. “We are currently living on the front lines of the largest and most devastating pandemic that we have ever known and experienced. Sharing knowledge and helping each other is the best way to face this fierce enemy. G-Med is one of the best platforms for this – and one of the most extensive for doctors from around the world"  - Dr. Omar Ibrik, Nephrologist, Spain

The daily discussions range from medication and treatment efficacy, case’s progress, from epidemiological and statistical data to hospital practices and governmental decisions amidst the fight against the novel virus. More than ever, G-Med’s continuous effort to enhance clinical decision-making by using physicians’ real-world knowledge is proving vital to contain the coronavirus crisis.


G-Med and Ipsos: Delivering to you the “The Pulse” of what physicians around the globe are discussing around the COVID-19 virus

G-Med has collaborated with Ipsos to bring the voice of physicians from around the world to you through social data analytics and medical crowdsourcing. The data analyzed for this short report came from organic, unprompted and authentic posts from physicians across the global spectrum.

Special Report #1

Special Report #2

Special Report #3

Special Report #4

Special Report #5

G-Med, Sisense & Amazon Web Services (AWS) Team Up

Without even presenting their peer-reviewed research, physicians across the globe eagerly turned to G-Med at the start of the pandemic to discuss clinical indicators for diagnosing the novel Coronavirus as well as discuss the best available treatment methods. AI giants Amazon and Sisense were able to utilize the massive troves of available data from G-Med for deep analysis with highly interesting results.

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Taking COVID19 big data analytics to the next level, G-Med presented its AI-Powered Dashboard that enhances our capability to support clinical decisions during this global crisis.

G-Med along with Sisense has created a one-of-a-kind, interactive, multilayer, global insights dashboard. This dashboard is based on NLP and machine learning analysis of the robust, global and organic Covid-19 peer-to-peer-discussions on G-Med, providing newer and deeper knowledge dimensions.

That big data analysis allowed medical teams, institutions and international governments to gain knowledge quickly and implement the necessary protocol changes according to their specific needs.