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  • Before turning away unvaccinated patients from care,  I think such patients should be made aware of the risks that both they and other patients would be exposed to by choosing to not accept vaccination against Covid-19.

    • No, no more of these purely experimental Covid 'vaccines'

      1. as your patient has already had Covid, she must have a much wider range and a much more stable array of antibodies against Covid-19 than any of the Covid vaccines can produce.

      2. check the Vit D level in the blood of your patient. If it is below 40 ng/ml please supplement with Vit D untill your patient reaches this minimum level of Vit D for a good functioning of the immune system

      3. Inform your patient that she should call you immediately when she has Covid-19 like symptoms and treat her with fluvoxamin, NAC, Zink, Ivermectin right at the beginning of the desease

      • I absolutely agree with you Dra Rola, every day we discover and learn with COVID-19, I am very glad that your grandma has evolved very well and has overcome everything

        • This is utter stupidity. The rate of complications with COVID-19 is declining and it seems the virus is mutating to a more mundane variety. Children are usually affected by a much milder disease and there is no argument to vaccinate kids.

          On the other hand, such vaccines are not devoid of complications at a much higher rate than other usual vaccines

          • It is stunning to watch the on-going blind acceptance of the COVID-19 experimental mRNA injections by doctors. Our profession is completely captured by the Medical Industrial Complex. All critical thinking skills appear to have vanished.

            • Dr Erika, may I ask that What type of reaction was that; Can you please elaborate the symptoms and signs?

                Reaction to a biological product is not unusual but severe , life-threatening reactions are rare to the CoVid-19 vaccine. Please elaborate so others may benefit from your experience. Thanks.

              • Yes low level of antibodies post desease or vaccine is associated with poor outcome. I recomended quercitine in large doses to anyoane tested posite and asympotatic. There is a problem with kids. It was established the doze of 125 mg for kids above age 12 years. For age below 12  I used regresive dilutios, 65 mg for age 3y and 32 mg for age 6 months. The adults of the family were tested negative after 3 days, and the kids after 8 days.No one became simpotomatic. Quercitine can be used also in young pregnant women. Quercitine is a Zn ionophore, otherwise anyone can take Zn "by trucks" it won't get into an infecyed cell..Zn blocks the RNA-polymerase, so the the virus will not survive, and the person treated will not get sic, to become another pacient with Covid-19.

                • Really, reading such barbaric things, I begin to doubt that some of them really are doctors !!!! that seems like the end of the world!!!! what we are really experiencing at this point in the pandemic is almost back to normality, and all this is thanks to the vaccines, and still having to listen to and read these barbarities...

                  The real-world experience and my experience during the last waves is this mRNA vaccine's effectiveness againstCOVID-19 hospitalization and death due to Omicron infections was strong at greater than 70% after the second dose. It was also higher after the booster dose at greater than 90%.

                  All the other speculation, hoaxes, psychosis, etc.., are probably an otherworldly reality...!!

                  • If we would have treated the whole population prophylactically with high doses of Vit D so they would have had Vot D levels between 40 and 80 ng/ml and if we would have given to the Covid-19 sick patients with the very first symptoms Zinc, Fluvoxamin, Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquin etc, we would not have had any problems with this plandemic of Fauci, Gates and alike..

                    and we neither would have injected their toxic 'vaccines' to people with almost no risk of a severe Covid-19 nor would we have given their mortal Remdesivir to anybody.

                    • TDAH como factor de riesgo de infección por Covid-19

                      Autor(es): Eugene Merzon, Iris Manor, Ann Rotem...(et.al)    

                      • Título original: TDAH como factor de riesgo de infección por Covid-19

                      • Fuente: Revista de Trastornos de la Atención

                      • Referencia: VOL 25- Num 13- Pags. 1783-1790     

                      Buenas noches, aquí os dejo otro estudio, que de nuevo incide en la bidireccionalidad entre trastornos mentales y la gravedad del covid19. En este caso el trastorno mental estudiado es el TDAH, que en mi opinión es una Base de Naturaleza Heredada (BHN),que inicialmente no constituye una enfermedad del neurodesarrollo, pero que en su interacción evolutiva con el entorno social hostil o estresor, si va a desajustarse, pudiendo desarrollar múltiples comorbilidades o enfermedades crónicas físicas y/o mentales. Siendo un covid grave una de ellas y estando de acuerdo con el estudio en que, tratando o calmando esta BNH aunque sea farmacológicamente, evolucionará mejor. Saludos alegres desde Sevilla

                      • Notably, the study was not powered to analyze the differences in outcomes between ordinal subgroups.  This should be treated as a critical drawback of the study as perceptible differences can be observed between groups with ordinal scores of 5 and 6 for all of the endpoints listed in Table 3 (Secondary outcomes overall and according to score…). Given the fact that dexamethasone has nowhere performed worse than baricitinib in overall results, the question of superiority or non-inferiority, carefully speaking, remains open.

                        Second, it is not clear from the article which serious and life-threatening side effects dexamethasone was significantly more associated with than baricitinib. In the group of the most severe patients (ordinal score 6), dexamethasone actually looks better than baricitinib in terms of frequency and severity of adverse events.

                        Summing it up, one can say that the results, presented in the article, are inconclusive. They can be interpreted to suggest that the clinical efficacy of baricitinib and dexamethasone in hospitalized patients with COVID-19 is dependent on disease severity, with dexamethasone being strategically more effective in the most severe patients. But the study does not have sufficient statistical power to make appropriate comparisons. The interpretation of adverse effects is neither persuasive.

                        Impressive and sophisticated design with an unloved baby of results…

                        • Definitely NO. There are enough well known , save, cheap and very effective medications against Covid-19 such as Zinc, Fluvoxamin, Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquin, NAC, Quercetin etc., best when given as soon as the first symptoms of Covid-19 emerge! 

                          If we even would give as a prophylaxis to ALL our patients enough Vit D  so that everybody has a blood level between 40 and 80 ng/ml, there should be no problem at all with Covid-19

                          • Pourquoi tout ces vaccines experimentaux contre Covid-19? Si on donnerait comme prophylaxis à la population entière assez de Vit D pour atteindre un taux entre 40 et 80 ng/ml et si on traiterait les Covid-19 malades dès les premiers symptomes avec  Fluvoxamin, Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquin, NAC, Zink on aurait pas de problème avec cette Plandémie

                            • Nobody should receive Remdesivir!

                              Remdesivir is an extremly toxic substance and it has almost no positive effect against Covid-19. There are much better and much cheaper ways to treat Covid-19: Vit D, Zink, Fluvoxamin, Ivermectin, NAC, Hydroxychloroquin..

                              • Yes, online misinformation is detrimental to other issues as well. 

                                This is even more serious if the misinformation comes from governments and pharma, through that other healthcare areas will be affected as well. 

                                In the Netherlands the ministry of health communicated that there were not enough ICU beds at the first wave of COVID-19, but at the same time they refused to give permission to hospitals to open the reserve capacity for financial reasons. This lead to refusal of accepting sick people for admission to the ICU if the prospects of the patient were poor. Furthermore, necessary operations of other urgent non-COVID cases were delayed, which probably affected the outcome. 

                                At the time of breakthrough infections in fully vaccinated persons, the government of the Netherlands spread the news that only unvaccinated people were hospitalised for COVID-19, through this they created a form of "medical racism" against unvaccinated persons leading to discrimination of the unvaccinated.

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